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Acquire. Innovate. Grow.

We acquire, innovate and grow public sector focused technology companies

Our Story

Our past guides our future

My business partner, Bill Spittle, and I started Tripleview Technologies after growing and operating numerous multinational public sector companies. Throughout their history these companies have been acquired and we in turn have integrated and acquired others.  We have observed first-hand the impact on customers and products as software vendors are acquired and consolidated. The lessons we learned dramatically shaped our perspective and our desire to do better. These lessons now guide the way we acquire, innovate and grow Tripleview Technologies.

Andrew Draper CEO/CTO

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We work with public sector entrepreneurs looking to realize the full value of their municipal software product business through partnership, merger and acquisition. Our investment capital, industry experience and public sector focus have the power to truly innovate the software solutions that support local government.

Bill Spittle CFO/VP Corporate Development



At our core we are a technology company. We invest to innovate cloud native solutions that support the specialized public sector needs. Our product roadmap ensures ongoing support for existing products with a path towards beautifully designed solutions for all users – from clerks to citizens.

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We nurture a culture that encourages our people and businesses to reach their potential. Through continuous improvement, something Sir David Brailsford called “Marginal Gains” we grow our people, products, services and customers. With 1% improvements in every area of the business dramatic improvements follow.


Why Us

Let the acquisition of your business be financially and personally rewarding.

  • Technology Edge

  • Industry Expertise

  • Access to Global Resources

  • Focused Approach

  • Long-term Vision

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