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Being Acquired

Being Acquired

Tripleview Acquisition Strategy

We evaluate potential businesses from the triple dimension of:

  • Leadership Legacy

  • Product Portfolio

  • Financial Performance

Acquisition is the core of Tripleview's growth strategy. With our niche industry focus on Municipal local government software, we look for businesses that have a committed team, strong products, and consistent financial performance.

Leadership Legacy

  • Goodwill, experience, and commitment of people in key positions

  • Long term commitment to the business

  • Aligned with Tripleview values

  • Talent retention

Product Offerings

  • Software solutions with a proven track record

  • Product diversification to expand our market presence

  • Distinctive competitive advantage

  • Sizeable loyal customer base with a low churn.

  • New product roadmap

Growth Prospect

  • Solid growth projections

  • Consistent and recurring revenue generation

  • Niche market presence and potential

Acquisition Criteria

Nurturing synergies to transform a promising company into an entity thriving on its full potential.

Tripleview Technologies has a simplified acquisition process, with clear criteria to evaluate prospective businesses. Here are some of the things we are looking at.

  • Business Focus: Technology companies that sell proprietary solutions to local government entities.

  • Revenue: Minimum $2m recurring revenue directly from Software Business

  • Margin: Year-over-year profitability.

  • Team: 10+ Employees

  • Market: Primarily North America, Canada

  • Consistent Growth: Year-over-year growth

  • Loyal Customer Base: 100+ Customers

Though we will use these guidelines to evaluate acquisition opportunities, we also acquire companies that do not meet some or all of these criteria but possess extraordinary potential. However, we do not acquire start-up companies. All inquiries will be kept confidential.

Our Process

A transparent, unbiased, and honest dialogue - that's the Tripleview way.

Acquisition Process

Acquisition Process.jpg
  • Review business summary / Pitch deck

  • Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Financial statement review (3-5 years)

  • Issue Letter of Intent

  • Finalize due diligence

  • Post M&A transition

Post-acquisition Steps

Acquisition Steps.jpg
  • Business integration

  • Business processes and strategy assessment

  • Aligning team with Tripleview values

  • Networking and knowledge sharing sessions

  • Technology roll-out plan

  • Business process integration

  • Addressing bottle-necks

  • Additional revenue source creation

  • Product offering upgrades and expansion

  • Organization redesign and development

You can get in touch with our acquisition team for a no-obligation review of your business.

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