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Solutions for Public Sector

At Tripleview Technologies we are dedicated to public sector, helping our customers build thriving local communities that enrich people’s lives​ by supporting the critical community services​ with our innovative technologies. 

Learn more about our portfolio companies specialized solutions designed specifically for local government

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Vision Municipal Solutions (WA, ID, OR, WI)

Vision Municipal Solutions delivers an innovative local government software suite designed to meet the requirements of today's cities, towns, counties, and special districts who desire cutting-edge solutions. 

  • Core Financials, Utility Billing, Payroll, Fix Assets, Reporting, Permitting, Licensing, Courts

  • IT Services

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American Data Group - ADG (FL, CO, SC, GA, AL, WV, NM, MT, KA, AZ)

Web-based Enterprise Application Suite software (EAS – a better ERP solution) supports eGovernment initiatives and practices. Work from anywhere with secure access to back into your system. Access the software through any Web Browser installed on your choice of operating system and hardware. All this among endless dynamic features and integrations provide you the tools to have an effective operation that makes life easier!

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