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Tripleview Technologies Acquires American Data Group

Today, local government software group, Tripleview Technologies, announced its acquisition of American Data Group (ADG), a provider of enterprise solutions and support for government agencies. Established in 1983, ADG has grown to be an industry leader, with their web-based solutions providing affordable and scalable software to a growing 120 customers nationwide.

CEO of Tripleview Technologies, Andrew Draper, commented,

“ADG is a leader in its space with comprehensive products and staff who are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience everyday."

Mark Jost, the founder of ADG also commented,

“We were looking for a company that would invest in ADG to advance its products and continue the work we have started.”

Mark will remain in his existing role backed by the added support of Tripleview.

About Tripleview Technologies

Tripleview is a technology company focused primarily on local government SaaS and software solutions. They provide strategic leadership, with a long-term investment perspective to support their customers. Tripleview is committed to growing both through acquisition and organic growth and will continue to invest in new products and services to ensure its customers have the tools necessary to serve their employees and citizens.

About American Data Group

As a leader in financial and enterprise software for local governments, ADG has stayed true to its original mission to write, maintain, and support the most advanced and user-friendly financial software. Their exceptional customer service and innovative products have surged company expansion and software development since its inception in 1983. The primary goal of ADG is to make the accounting, financial, and customer management operations easy, efficient, and accurate. The scalable software is compliant with all organization sizes, currently used by teams of 10 employees to over 2500. Its flexible pricing allows companies with budgets ranging from millions to hundreds of millions. The system's design provides easy-to-use features in a centralized platform, while giving companies freedom of choice in their technical operating environment.

For more information, please visit American Data Group

For inquires please contact

Bill Spittle, CFO/ VP Corporate Development

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